Dr. Helena Berg

Dr. Helena Berg – (CEO and founder of AB Libergreen) has almost 20 years of experience in the battery field from both academia and industry. For about 10 years Dr. Berg was one of the key persons for the development of electrified vehicles within the Volvo Group. As the Global Corporate Battery Specialist, Dr. Berg was in charge of the technology plan and had the responsibility to follow the battery research development. Several collaborative research projects between Volvo, academia and other industrial partners were initiated. Today the focus is on emerging technologies. Dr. Berg is the author of the new book within the battery field РBatteries for Electric Vehicles: Materials and Electrochemistry (Cambridge Univ Press, 2015). Moreover, Dr. Berg is the chairman of the board for the Swedish Energy Agency’s program ‘Batterifonden’ and a previous member of the Advisory Group for the NMBP research program within EU Horizon 2020.

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