Dr. Christian Hille

vita_300x300px_hille Christian Hille received a diploma degree in electrical engineering and a PhD in power system engineering from RWTH Aachen University. From 2006 until 2011 he worked at RWTH Aachen University as scientist, project coordinator and chief engineer of the Institute for High Voltage Technologies in Aachen. He was manager of the research center for grid integration and e-mobility. 2011 he joined P3 group and is now managing director of P3 energy.
P3 has many activities in the field of electrical storage systems and e-mobility. A current focus e.g. are stationary storage systems for grid applications and reserve energy, as well as on the energy system in total and its system stability, taking a high penetration of renewable energies into account. His company is also active in the field of planning, grid integration and configuration of renewable energy sources, electric cars and storage systems with detailed knowledge of economic correlations. Dr. Hille is member of several national and international committees and research associations.

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