Prof. Jiuchun Jiang

Keynotespeaker Jiang Jiuchung
Prof. Jiuchun Jiang

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Key technique of Lithium Battery used in Rail Transit System

Professor Jiang Jiuchun works since 1999 at the Beijing Jiaotong University. He is PhD supervisor and currently employed as Dean of School of Electrical Engineering. Research is mainly focussed on EV charging station, BMS and micro-grid. In 2011, over half of EV in China are using our BMS. Designed Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai EXPO and Guangzhou Asia Games Charging Station. 16 cities in „Ten City Thousand EV“ (all 25 cities) project using our technology.

2003 Beijing city education innovation model;
Ministry of science and technology „science and technology Olympics advanced individual“;
Beijing Federation of trade unions „Olympic meritorious service model“;
2008 The Ministry of Education” The new century excellent talent
2012 Beijing youth Medal

Plenarvortrag 3
29. März 2017
11:35  -  12:05