Dr. Kai Vuorilehto

Dr. Kai Vuorilehto

Kai Vuorilehto received his diploma (1990), PhD (1993) and DSc (1997) degrees in electrochemistry from Helsinki University of Technology (Finland). Since 2006, he is adjunct professor for “Electrochemical Energy Solutions” at the same university, nowadays called Aalto University.

During his purely academic career, Kai Vuorilehto worked as post-doc in Frankfurt (1993-1995) and Jülich (2002-2004).

In 2008 he was appointed as Chief Technology Officer of the Finnish lithium-ion cell producer European Batteries, having the task to design the cell and its production process.

In 2013-2016, he worked as Vice President of production of the Estonian/German supercapacitor producer Skeleton Technologies, again having the task to design the cell and its production process.

Since March 2016, Kai Vuorilehto holds the position of Director R&D at EAS Germany, Germany’s oldest lithium-ion cell producer in Nordhausen, Thüringen (formerly known as GAIA). This time, the task is to modernize the cell structure, including electrode materials, electrolyte, separator and contacts, in order to reach the best possible “Space quality, also for terrestrial and marine use”. Exceptional quality is needed to compete with the strong Asian competitors.

Plenarvortrag 2
29. März 2017
11:05  -  11:35