Dr. Ann Laheäär

Dr. Ann Laheäär (CC-d)

Presentation Title:
New double-layer capacitors with outstanding performance – technology and applications

Dr. Ann Laheäär completed PhD in the research group of Prof. Enn Lust (University of Tartu), followed by a post-doctoral project lead by Prof. Francois Beguin (Poznan University of Technology). The research topics during this period were mainly focused on ultracapacitor electrolyte systems, carbon materials and respective charged interface properties. In 2013 received the International Society of Electrochemistry Oronzio and Niccolò De Nora Foundation Young Author Prize.

In 2015 started at Skeleton Technologies as electrochemical engineer working on Skeleton ultracapacitor performance and process development. From 2016 named as Head of Cell Development, leading cell electrochemical and mechanical design and material development projects with focus on achieving next generation performance levels in ultracapacitors.

Plenarvortrag 2
30. März 2017
09:45  -  10:15