Parallelsession 4

30. März 2017

15:20  -  17:00
Saal Brüssel / Europa-Saal / Konferenzraum K1

Session 4A: Markets
Veranstaltungsort: Saal Brüssel
Sessionleiter: Dr. Christian Hille (P3 Aachen), Dr. Peter Weirich (Forschungszentrum Jülich)

15:20New approach for a comprehensive criticality evaluation of battery raw materials in the automotive industryLucas Philipp WeimerRWTH Aachen University
15:40Influence of Battery Storages on the Market Price for Primary Control ReserveAndreas MaazRWTH Aachen University
16:00Battery Electric Vehicles: Price Premium and Future TrendsProf. Dr. Momo SafariHasselt University
16:20Ecologically Friendly Recycling of Lithium-Ion Batteries from Electric VehiclesJan DiekmannTechnische Universität Braunschweig
16:40Securing material supply for the lithium ion battery value chainMSc, MBA Berend LooisHiTech Materials Advisory



Session 4B: Battery Systems – Ageing and Parametrization
Veranstaltungsort: Europa-Saal
Sessionleiter: Klaus Schorb (VW)

15:20pAgeing: Ageing of Lithium-Ion Batteries in parallel ConnectionMarkus HofmannTechnische Universität München
15:40Effect of load cycle on the lifetime evolution of a lithium ion batteryMarian Patrik FelderTU Dortmund University
16:00Understanding inhomogeneities in battery performance. The effect of thermal gradients on lithium iron phosphate and lithium sulfur batteries.Dr. Gregory OfferImperial College London
16:20Simulation-based degradation analysis of PHEV lithium-ion batteries using a time-upscaling methodProf. Dr. habil. Wolfgang G. BesslerOffenburg University of Applied Sciences
16:40Full cell parametrization of a high-power lithium-ion battery for a physico-chemical modelJohannes SchmalstiegRWTH Aachen University



Session 4C: Lithium Ion Cells – Power and Energy Density, Advances in cell design
Veranstaltungsort: Konferenzraum K1
Sessionleiter: Prof. Dr. Egbert Figgemeier (Helmholtz-Institut Münster)

15:20Squeezing energy: The thrill of industrial battery developmentDr. Armin ModlingerLitarion GmbH
15:40Towards solid state batteries: Materials and cell technologyProf. Dr. An HardyHasselt University and imec - partner in energyville division imomec
16:00Post-Mortem Analysis of aged commercial Li-ion Cells - Disassembly, Analysis Methods, and Selected Examples from the LabDr. rer. nat. Thomas WaldmannZentrum für Sonnenenergie- und Wasserstoff-Forschung Baden-Württemberg (ZSW)
16:20Lithium gradients in graphite electrodes of aged lithium-ion batteries studied by colorimetry, XRD and coulombic efficiency measurementsJörn WilhelmTechnische Universität München
16:40On the Influence of High Operational Voltages on the Electrochemical Performance and Degradation of Lithium-Ion Batteries with Nickel-rich Mixed Layered Oxide-CathodesM.Sc. Christian WeisenbergerHochschule Aalen - Institut für Materialforschung Aalen

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