Kraftwerk Batterie 2017

29. März 2017

09:00  -  10:00



10:00  -  10:10

Prof. Dr. Dirk Uwe Sauer
ISEA, RWTH Aachen University

Dr. Peter Schroth
Bundes­ministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF)



10:10  -  10:20

Prof. Dr. Werner Klaffke
Haus der Technik

Plenarvortrag 1


10:20  -  11:05

Reflections on the Evolution of Metal Oxide Cathodes for Li-Ion Batteries
Dr. Michael M. Thackeray
Argonne National Laboratory

Plenarvortrag 2


11:05  -  11:35

Lithium-ion battery production in Germany – How it works, unique selling points
Dr. Kai Vuorilehto
EAS Germany GmbH

Plenarvortrag 3


11:35  -  12:05

Key technique of Lithium Battery used in Rail Transit System
Prof. Jiang Jiuchun
Beijing Jiaotong University

12:05  -  13:45

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Parallelsession 1

Saal Brüssel / Europa-Saal / Konferenzraum K1

13:45  -  15:25

Session 1A: Battery Systems – Safety and Reliability
Veranstaltungsort: Saal Brüssel
Sessionleiter: Dr. Jens Münnix (Audi)

13:45Experiments to measure the gas ejection rate of large Li-ion batteries during thermal-runawayDipl.-Ing. Christiane EsslKompetenzzentrum - Das virtuelle Fahrzeug, Forschungsgesellschaft mbH
14:05Crash an Crush Testing for xEV Batteries - Comparison of Test Standards and Validation ProceduresDipl.-Ing. (FH) Alexander StadlerTÜV SÜD Battery Testing GmbH
14:25Battery safety analysis: a method for simulating the mechanical behavior of Li-Ionen cellsDr. Bernhard BrunnsteinerAVL List GmbH
14:45Electric components for battery electric vehicles above 800 VMSc Fabian LuttenbergerAVL List GmbH
15:05Adaptive control cooling system for a lithium-ion battery modulePhD Haritz MaciciorIk4 Cidetec



Session 1B: Automotive and Mobile Applications
Veranstaltungsort: Europa-Saal
Sessionleiter: Dr.-Ing. Eckhard Karden (Ford), Prof. Dr. Hans-Georg Schweiger (TH Ingolstadt)

13:45Fast charging of Li-ion batteries - optimized charging patterns for reduced ageingProf. Oliver BohlenHochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften München
14:05Progress in battery development - from the Opel Ampera to the Opel Ampera-eHorst MettlachAdam Opel AG
14:25Fast Top-up Charging of Lithium-ion Batteries - A comparative ageing studyAbdilbari Shifa MussaKTH Royal Institute of Technology
14:45Recent trends in xEV battery pack requirements and associated solutionsDr. Martin JägerFEV GmbH
15:05High Temperature Water Loss Testing and Gassing Measurement on Automotive Lead-Acid BatteriesJonathan WirthRWTH Aachen



Session 1C: Lithium Ion Cells
Veranstaltungsort: Konferenzraum K1
Sessionleiter: Dr. Jens Tübke (Fraunhofer ICT), Prof. Dr. Rüdiger-A. Eichel (Forschungszentrum Jülich)

13:45New method using floating currents for fast and high resolved measurement of Arrhenius relation and calendar life aging rateMeinert LewerenzInstitut für Stromrichtertechnik und Elektrische Antriebe
14:05Automated Large Scale Microscopy for Characterisation of Prismatic Li-Ion Cells Using Machine Learning ApproachesAndreas KoppHochschule Aalen
14:25Thermal gradients in high power and high energy lithium-ion cells analysed by Electrothermal Impedance Spectroscopy (ETIS)Michael DipponKarlsruhe Institut of Technology (KIT) für Angewandte Materialien - Werkstoffe der Elektrotechnik (IAM-WET), KIT
14:45Methods coupling experiments and modeling for the determination of interfacial, porous-electrode, and electrolyte propertiesDr. Charles DelacourtLaboratoire de Reactivite et de Chimie des Solides, CNRS UMR 7314
15:05A Criterion to Predict Onset of Electric Short Circuit for Lithium-Ion Batteries Subjected to Mechanical LoadsPhD Elham SahraeiMassachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT
George Mason University

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15:25  -  16:25

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Parallelsession 2

Saal Brüssel / Europa-Saal / Konferenzraum K1

16:25  -  18:05

Session 2A: Production and Recycling
Veranstaltungsort: Saal Brüssel
Sessionleiter: Prof. Dr. Bernd Friedrich (RWTH Aachen), Dr. Eberhard Meissner (Johnson Controls)

16:25Connecting of various battery cells for electromobility by using laser micro weldingM.Sc. Johanna HelmFraunhofer-Institut für Lasertechnik ILT
16:45Sealing Components for Lithium Batteries - Serial Solutions & OutlookDr. Peter KritzerFreudenberg Sealing Technologies
17:05Drying of electrodes for lithium ion batteries with soluble and dispersed binderChristiane SchilcherTechnische Universität Braunschweig
17:25The importance of proper electrolyte wetting of lithium-ion cellsChristian PeterFraunhofer-Institut für Keramische Technologien und Systeme IKTS



Session 2B: Battery Systems – Diagnostics and Management
Veranstaltungsort: Europa-Saal
Sessionleiter: Armin Warm (Ford), Horst Mettlach (Opel)

16:25Ageing dependent state of charge estimator for a NMC oxide based lithium-ion batteryDr. Michael HeckFraunhofer-Institut für Solare Energiesystem
16:45Impedance-based temperature determination of Li-ion batteries unravelled by microreference electrodes in Li-ion batteriesM.Sc Luc RaijmakersDelft University of Technology
17:05Design of optimized current profiles for fast charging of lithium-ion batteriesMarius BauerZSW Baden-Württemberg
17:25Performance estimation of a cell-to-cell-type active balancing circuit for lithium-ion battery systemsManuel RäberUniversite de Haute Alsace
17:45Considering battery degradation in the hybrid vehicle operation strategy to minimize total cost of ownershipShi LiInstitute for Combustion Engines, RWTH Aachen University



Session 2C: Lithium Ion Cells – Active and Inactive Components
Veranstaltungsort: Konferenzraum K1
Sessionleiter: Dr. Thomas Waldmann (ZSW)

16:25Challenges in Stabilizing Si-Alloy Anodes in Lithium-Ion-BatteriesProf. Dr. Egbert FiggemeierHelmholtz-Institut Münster
16:45A novel high-energy density Li-ion cell for low-temperature applicationsProf. Filippos FarmakisMicro- and Nanotechnology Laboratory, University of Thrace
17:05Detailed Electrochemical and Spectroscopic Study on the Influence of Electrolyte Additives and Alumina Coatings on the Aging of LiNi0.4Mn1.6O4 based CathodesDr. Stefanie OstermeyerVW-VM Forschungsgesellschaft mbH & Co KG
17:25Comparative study of imide-based lithium salts as electrolyte additives for Li-ion batteriesVarvara SharovaHelmholtz Institute Ulm / Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
17:45Aqueous processing and additive development for high-voltage lithium-ion cathodesDr. Dominic BresserKarlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)

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Ludwig Forum, Jülicher Str. 97 - 109, 52070 Aachen

19:00  -  22:00

Der Posterpreis ist eines der traditionellen Highlights der Batterietagung. Er wird alljährlich vom Haus der Technik für die drei besten wissenschaftlichen Poster gestiftet. Der Posterpreis wird in der Arena des Ludwig Forums verliehen.

21:15 | Follow-up Discussion
Im Anschluss an den Posterpreis stehen Jeff Dahn und Michael Thackeray für eine kurze Diskussion zur Verfügung.

30. März 2017

Plenarvortrag 1


09:00  -  09:45

Surprising Chemistry that takes place within Lithium Ion Cells
Prof. Jeff Dahn, FRSC
Dalhousie University, NSERC/Tesla Canada

Plenarvortrag 2


09:45  -  10:15

New double-layer capacitors with outstanding performance – technology and applications
Dr. Ann Laheäär
Skeleton Technologies GmbH

Plenarvortrag 3


10:15  -  10:45

Stand der Forschung zum Batterie-Recycling (Li Batterien)
Prof. Dr. Bernd Friedrich
RWTH Aachen University

Plenarvortrag 4


10:45  -  11:15

Battery management systems for HV battery systems –success factors, challenges and future developments
Chrysanthos Tzivanopoulos
Robert Bosch Battery Systems GmbH

11:15  -  12:55

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Parallelsession 3

Saal Brüssel / Europa-Saal / Konferenzraum K1

12:55  -  14:35

Session 3A: Stationary Battery Systems
Veranstaltungsort: Saal Brüssel
Sessionleiter: Dr. Jochen Seier (Forschungszentrum Jülich)

12:55Profitability of PV Home Storage Considering Battery Aging and an Electric VehicleThomas KaschubKarlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)
13:15The economics of ESS: how to enhance income streams for energy storage in combination with CHP plantsProf. Rico WojanowskiHochschule Darmstadt
13:35Home storage systems for FCR provision: Load profiles and battery performanceDr. Annika KufnerCaterva GmbH
13:55Minimising battery degradation in realistic stationary applications by integrated economic and electrochemical modellingJorn ReniersUniversity of Oxford
14:15Safety and ageing issues in lithium-ion home storage systemsDipl.-Ing. Stephan LuxFraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE)



Session 3B: Battery systems – Modeling
Veranstaltungsort: Europa-Saal
Sessionleiter: Prof. Charles Delacourt (Laboratoire de Réactivité et de Chimie des Solides), Prof. Dr. Arno Kwade (TU Braunschweig)

12:55Modeling and simulation of high current scenarios for designing safe lithium-ion cellsAlexander RheinfeldTechnische Universität München
13:15Gaussian process regression for forecasting battery state of healthRobert RichardsonUniversity of Oxford
13:35Battery Core Temperature Prediction, including Parameters Estimation for Lithium-ion Pouch Cell PacksMSc Erik HoedemaekersTNO
13:55A non-linear model approach for separation and identification of processes in Lithium-ion batteriesM. Sc. Nicolas WolffTechnische Universität Braunschweig
14:15Development and validation of electric vehicle battery equivalent model, SoC, SoF and SoH estimation algorithmsDr. Mikel OyarbideFUNDACION CIDETEC



Session 3C: Beyond and Beside Lithium Ion Technology
Veranstaltungsort: Konferenzraum K1
Sessionleiter: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Janek (Uni Gießen), Prof. Dr. Petr Novák (ETH Zürich)

12:55Carbon-coated core-shell Li2S@C nanocomposites as high performance cathode material for Lithium-Sulfur batteriesChunguang ChenForschungszentrum Juelich
13:15Comparative study of electrolyte additives for lithium metal in lithium-sulfur batteriesDr. Marian Cristian StanMEET Batterieforschungszentrum / Westfaelische-Wilhelms Universitaet Münster
13:35Improving performance of Li-S cells under cycling, a model-informed approachDr. Monica MarinescuImperial College London
13:55Effect of Cobalt metal complex on the chargeability of Lithium-Oxygen batteryDr. Fanny BardéToyota Motor Europe
14:15Sodium-Ion batteries - One step forward for the environment?Dr. Jens PetersKarlsruhe Institut für Technologie (KIT)

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14:35  -  15:20

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Parallelsession 4

Saal Brüssel / Europa-Saal / Konferenzraum K1

15:20  -  17:00

Session 4A: Markets
Veranstaltungsort: Saal Brüssel
Sessionleiter: Dr. Christian Hille (P3 Aachen), Dr. Peter Weirich (Forschungszentrum Jülich)

15:20New approach for a comprehensive criticality evaluation of battery raw materials in the automotive industryLucas Philipp WeimerRWTH Aachen University
15:40Influence of Battery Storages on the Market Price for Primary Control ReserveAndreas MaazRWTH Aachen University
16:00Battery Electric Vehicles: Price Premium and Future TrendsProf. Dr. Momo SafariHasselt University
16:20Ecologically Friendly Recycling of Lithium-Ion Batteries from Electric VehiclesJan DiekmannTechnische Universität Braunschweig
16:40Securing material supply for the lithium ion battery value chainMSc, MBA Berend LooisHiTech Materials Advisory



Session 4B: Battery Systems – Ageing and Parametrization
Veranstaltungsort: Europa-Saal
Sessionleiter: Klaus Schorb (VW)

15:20pAgeing: Ageing of Lithium-Ion Batteries in parallel ConnectionMarkus HofmannTechnische Universität München
15:40Effect of load cycle on the lifetime evolution of a lithium ion batteryMarian Patrik FelderTU Dortmund University
16:00Understanding inhomogeneities in battery performance. The effect of thermal gradients on lithium iron phosphate and lithium sulfur batteries.Dr. Gregory OfferImperial College London
16:20Simulation-based degradation analysis of PHEV lithium-ion batteries using a time-upscaling methodProf. Dr. habil. Wolfgang G. BesslerOffenburg University of Applied Sciences
16:40Full cell parametrization of a high-power lithium-ion battery for a physico-chemical modelJohannes SchmalstiegRWTH Aachen University



Session 4C: Lithium Ion Cells – Power and Energy Density, Advances in cell design
Veranstaltungsort: Konferenzraum K1
Sessionleiter: Prof. Dr. Egbert Figgemeier (Helmholtz-Institut Münster)

15:20Squeezing energy: The thrill of industrial battery developmentDr. Armin ModlingerLitarion GmbH
15:40Towards solid state batteries: Materials and cell technologyProf. Dr. An HardyHasselt University and imec - partner in energyville division imomec
16:00Post-Mortem Analysis of aged commercial Li-ion Cells - Disassembly, Analysis Methods, and Selected Examples from the LabDr. rer. nat. Thomas WaldmannZentrum für Sonnenenergie- und Wasserstoff-Forschung Baden-Württemberg (ZSW)
16:20Lithium gradients in graphite electrodes of aged lithium-ion batteries studied by colorimetry, XRD and coulombic efficiency measurementsJörn WilhelmTechnische Universität München
16:40On the Influence of High Operational Voltages on the Electrochemical Performance and Degradation of Lithium-Ion Batteries with Nickel-rich Mixed Layered Oxide-CathodesM.Sc. Christian WeisenbergerHochschule Aalen - Institut für Materialforschung Aalen

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